When You Call

What I Need to Know from You When You Call Initially

There is some information that I will need to know from you to help with the scheduling and planning of the bris. Initial contact is a phone call from you to let me know about your joyous news and the answers to questions 1-5. Then you will need to email me the questions and answers to the next set of questions (1-27) and once I receive the email, I will call you to complete the process and answer any questions you may have. Click on the link to my email, moheldoc@icloud.com to open an email. You can either copy and paste the questions and then type the answers directly into an email or you may wish to copy and paste the questions into a Word document, answer each question in that document and then attach it to an email.

When you make the initial call to schedule the bris, I will need to know:

  1. What time of day or night was the baby born?
  2. Was it a C-section?
  3. What time range would you prefer for the bris presuming availability of the mohel (i.e. early morning, mid-morning, early afternoon, late afternoon)?
  4. Where will the bris be taking place (i.e. Manhattan, Long Island, Westchester, etc.)?
  5. What phone number(s) can I use to speak with you directly to finalize the plans?

When I Call You Before the Bris, I Will Need to Know:

Please copy these 27 questions and paste them into an email to moheldoc@icloud.com

  1. What are the complete Hebrew/Jewish names of the parents of the baby? (A note about Hebrew names: On this form, when I ask for your Hebrew name, I mean your complete Hebrew name. This includes: your father’s Hebrew name, your mother’s and your own. For example, if your Hebrew is Avraham Moshe, your father’s Hebrew name is Dov and your mother’s name is Sara, then the Hebrew name you should provide is Avraham Moshe Ben Dov V’Sara. Also, if a father is a Kohen or Levi, please note that next to the name. And if you are the mother, substitute "Bat" for "Ben" in the above example)
  2. What are the complete English names of both parents?
  3. Are both parents Jewish by birth?
  4. If either parent converted to Judaism was the conversion Reform? Conservative? Orthodox?
  5. Is either parent descended paternally from Kohen or Levi and if so, which one? (If not, you're an Israelite.)
  6. Are you Sephardic, Ashkenazi or Mizrahi (Persian)?
  7. Who was kind enough to refer you to me for the baby's bris?
  8. What is your complete home address (include zip code) and phone number?
  9. What is the address and phone number where the bris will be taking place AND what is the agreed upon time and date of the bris?
  10. What are the directions to get to the bris?
  11. What is the baby's full English name?
  12. What is the baby's full Hebrew/Jewish name?
  13. What date, day of the week and time of day or night was the baby born?
  14. Was it a C-section?
  15. What was the baby's weight and length at birth?
  16. Is everyone healthy at home (colds, flu, etc.)?
  17. Is there anything that would impede or affect the healing of the circumcision?
  18. Is there any history of bleeding disorders in your families?
  19. Do you have a baby nurse helping you out at home?
  20. What is the name and phone number of your obstetrician?
  21. What is the name, address including zip code (important) and phone number of your pediatrician?
  22. Is this the first-born child of the mother?
  23. If yes, were there any previous pregnancies that went beyond six weeks?
  24. Did you print the Instructions page with Needed Supplies and Bris Instructions from my web site or download booklet?
  25. Have you made a list of the people whom you wish to include in the ceremony? Please answer yes or no. (Please print page 20 in the downloadable booklet as well as page 19 - the consent to do the bris, and fill both of them out completely prior to the bris. Also, print page 21 for bris after-care instructions prior to the start of the bris and keep with pages 19 and 20.)
  26. Will a Rabbi be present? (Neither a Rabbi nor a minyan are required for a bris.)
  27. Have we discussed the anesthesia techniques used and the fee for the bris? (Please review the page "Instructions". At the bottom of the page, you will find "General Instructions" for the specifics on anesthesia).


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