Below is a list of honored roles that your guests may fulfill at the Bris. Also, please complete the form (page 20) at the end of the Parentís Guide to Ritual Circumcision (download from the website) for the honorees.

Sandek: This is the most honored role, traditionally given to the Grandfather. This person will help hold the baby while the Bris is performed. Historically, a person acts as Sandek once for any particular family.

Sandek Sheni: The "Naming Honoree" is also known as the second sandek. This person holds the baby during the baby naming ceremony. It is optional. The parents may perform this role.

Kvatter (male) and Kvatterin (female): This is a couple who brings the baby into the room where the Bris will take place.They transport the baby from Mom who is in a different room, to Dad whose obligation it is to bring the baby to the performance of the Bris.

Candle Lighter: Generally a relative or close friend(s) light candles before the baby is brought in. No prayer is said because this is a custom, not a law.

Throne of Elijah: Generally a relative or close friend although the father may do this - the baby is either placed (with constant support) on a pillow on the Throne of Elijah (a chair to the right of the mohel) or is held by the person getting the honor while that person sits on the Throne. No prayer is given but a sentence in Hebrew acknowledges Elijah's chair.

Kiddush cup and Sabbath candles: If these have special significance (family heirloom, wedding gifts, etc.) please let me know so that you have the opportunity to make reference to them at the Bris.

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